New Cafe World Items Play Tribute to Twilight

Thu, Jul 22, 2010

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It’s time for the release of a new item theme in Zynga’s Cafe World, and this week sees the developer releasing a whole slew of items centered around vampires and the incredibly popular book/movie series Twilight.

The theme starts with an iron table, coffin chairs and thrones, and includes items like a bloody door, coffin door, stained glass window, bloody portrait, werewolf and vampire paintings, castle floor tiles and wallpapers, a foggy forest wallpaper, thorny bushes, bats, gargoyle statues, a blood fountain, a torch bearer, a Dracula statue and even statues representing both Jacob and Edward from the Twilight saga. In this case, Edward is called the Twinkling Vampire, while Jacob is called the Transforming Werewolf (yes, the statue transforms to and from a werewolf state).

The items range in price from 1 Cafe Cash (for some flooring and decorative items) to 18 Cafe Cash for the Red Plasma (blood) Fountain, and from 900 coins for a single piece of the Castle Floortile to 100,000 coins for the Dracula figure.

As always, should you not really care which items you receive, you can purchase the Mystery Crate for 10 Cafe Cash, that contains a random assortment of items from the theme. In addition, you can head over to the game’s free gifts page to send some themed items, like the Garlic Necklace, Apple of Temptation, and even 30 serving portions of the game’s newest recipe, the Vampire Staked Steak.

Speaking of new recipes, you can cook the Vampire Staked Steak for 300 coins. It is ready to serve after cooking for a full day, at which point you’ll have 335 servings of the dish to sell for 6 coins each, for a total of 2010 coins. You’ll earn 112 Cafe Points in the process of cooking and serving the dish. It should be noted that this is a fairly low-level dish, so even new players should take a look for this recipe under the Fundamentals section of the menu.

Head over to the game’s page to cook this new recipe, or to add some Twilight/Vampire themed items to your cafe.

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