New Apps are Entering the Top 20 Sales Chart at a Much Faster Rate

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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iPhones games are, not surprisingly, becoming increasingly more popular as users realize that there are some genuinely awesome gameplay experiences awaiting them in the App Store, and as the amount of iPhones in the market continues to grow.

However, with that increased popularity, games are actually losing their longevity on the App store’s top seller’s chart. According to HandyGames (as reported by, in September, in the United States, the average age of a game on the Top 20 Paid Games chart was 100 days. In the UK, it was 120 days. Now, around five months later, that number has dropped, with the average age of a US game being 64 days, and in the UK, only 70.

This isn’t surprising, actually, but it does demand that developers create high quality games that users will continue to pursue even after they’ve left the charts. From a simple competition standpoint, the more games there are in the marketplace, the less likely it is that any one game will rise to a dominant status, as users have more options for spending their hard earned dollars.

Indie developers seem to understand this need for high quality entertainment (rather than just high quantity), as titles by independent developers have actually overtaken those released by “big names” in the industry at a rate of 68% to 32%, where the Top 20 Games chart is concerned.

However, this trend only applies to the current top 20 apps. The top grossing apps chart continues to be dominated by larger companies.

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