New 3D Mobile Device Screens Demoed, No Glasses Required

Mon, Apr 5, 2010

Console, Mobile

Sharp has been pioneering the 3D screena market for a while now and decided to demo some of their work in the mobile device sector this past Friday. The demo was meant to showcase Sharp’s work in mobile devices concerning 3-D Animation, touch-panel screens that switched between different 3-D photos and a device connected to a 3-D camera.

The most exciting thing about the demonstration is that these mobile device screens did not require special glasses to witness the effect. Instead of the images needing the glasses to direct different parts of the image to the separate eyes, these new screens are designed to direct the different images to each eye without the glasses.

Sharp refused to comment on the companies it was supplying with these new 3-D screens, but TVNewsCheck has a strong belief that Nintendo’s new 3DS system very well could use these screens. We do know that the 3DS will not require glasses to get the 3-D effect so it is very well possible. Until release of the product, it will be difficult to tell if it is Sharp’s technology powering it.

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