Neighborly Payment Plan: PetVille Players Can Unlock Third Floor, 3 New Rooms

Sat, Feb 13, 2010

PetVille, Social

Need more room to decorate? Now PetVille pets can stretch out and store more stuff, with new 3 new unlockable rooms in a third floor expansion.

You’ll have to level up until you can even see option to buy these, but once the new rooms show up on your mini-map (bottom right corner in PetVille screen), here’s what you’ll need to expand: either befriend at least 15 PetVille neighbors and use Coins *or* a pay a pile of PetCash.

Word is you can snag some office space and a laundry room – of course, home is what you make it. Unlock the third floor of your pet’s house on Facebook today!

Here’s the full scoop from Zynga: Have you been looking for more rooms to decorate? Well look no further because new rooms have arrived! You can now unlock rooms on the third floor of your pet’s house!

Each of these rooms can be unlocked with your choice of coins or Pet Cash. If you are using coins, there are minimum neighbor requirements before you can purchase these rooms. Each of these rooms comes with a few pieces of furniture to get you started and give you ideas of what to use the rooms for.

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  • osufan02

    I just got my 7th room in petville. it is an office, of course it has the run down desk and comupter with chair that you can sell for newer items like the rest of the rooms, but the petville store has no office furniture. How do you get a computer and desk and so forth??

  • Kate Hancock

    Funny you should ask – PetVille just opened the 4th floor office supply
    store in the furniture department today!

  • chloepetville

    6th is a spare room (which i made another bedroom), 7th is an office, 8th is a laundry, and 9th is a gym!

  • chloepetville

    there is another level to the world “mall” which is office furniture…good luck

  • Kate Hancock

    Awesome! Can't wait til my pet LollarBills levels up a few more and
    gets the new rooms. Thanks for the tip & for reading :)

    On Monday, February 22, 2010, Disqus

  • Kate Hancock

    Yep – we wrote about the new Office section in the Furniture Store
    last week. BTW did you see the Milton Staple-Matic? It's our favorite
    ;) Check out the Office stapler parody video I posted last week in the
    PetVille section.

    If you haven't already, you can subscribe to the Frisky Mongoose
    PetVille feed / RSS to get all the latest updates!

    On Monday, February 22, 2010, Disqus

  • LadyinRed

    Thanks for the info, but let people find out on their own. You just ruined their surprise.

  • Dining Room Furniture

    That would be great for Pet Ville players.

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