Neighbor Tab, High School, Big Ben & More – Social City Updates!

Fri, Sep 3, 2010

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Playdom has released quite a few new items in Social City since we last spoke. While some of these updates are the usual Limited Edition or Build Menu items, there is now a new Neighbors tab that will allow you to customize and deal with all of your Social City neighbors (or potential neighbors) with ease.

New Limited Edition Items: Big Ben, Woolworth Building & More

Playdom has removed the “Three Hour Sale” position from the game’s newspaper, returning the series of limited edition buildings to five, with five new options now being available to purchase.

The first is one you’ll all recognize – Big Ben, which is available to purchase for 65 City Bucks. It adds 70,000 Happiness Points to your town.

Next is the Woolworth Building, priced at 49 City Bucks, and offering 50,000 Happiness Points.

The next two items are residential structures in the form of Jupiter Apartments and Beach House 3 (remember, the other two Beach Houses have been available via the game’s newspaper as well). The Jupiter Apartments add 6,000 citizens to your town every 3 days, and can be purchased for 59 City Bucks. Meanwhile, the Beach House 3 is available for much less, at just 16 City Bucks, and it adds 1,200 citizens to your town every 2 days. You’ll also be able to see a new citizen walking around the sidewalks of your town if you purchase the house – a surfer carrying a surfboard.

Finally, the Cricket Pitch Stadium is available for 39 City Bucks. It adds 42,000 Happiness Points to your town. All of the above items are available in quantities of at least 1,300, with the Beach House 3 and Big Ben being the most limited.

School’s In With New Build Menu Item

If you’ve been looking to add a form of (a bit) higher education to your city, you can now do so by purchasing the High School from the game’s build menu.

The High School costs just 60,000 coins to add to your town, and it takes up a 2×2 square area of land. It functions as a leisure item, offering 3,000 Happiness Points to your town. It might not be much in the long run, but sometimes 3,000 points is all you need to turn your citizens’ happiness back into a smile.

Neighbor Menu Lets You Add Neighbors, Remove Them, or Find Them

If you need a few more neighbors to unlock your next land expansion, or you just want to better manage your current neighbors, you can now do so via the game’s My Neighbors tab.

This tab will show you all of your current neighbors in a list, and will allow you to send a gift to that particular neighbor at the press of a button. If you know a friend no longer plays, or you simply want to remove them from your game for whatever reason, you can now do so via the Remove button that is also now available.

In addition, if you happen to have any friends that play the game, but they aren’t connected to you as neighbors, they will appear as well, allowing you to send them a quick and easy neighbor request.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to see these new updates in action.

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