Natal Sales Will Be “Mediocre”, If Priced at $149

Sun, May 30, 2010

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A recent rumor about Project Natal’s price pegged the controller-less motion system’s price at $149. According to some video game industry analysts, the price point could be a slight problem for consumers.

“Without knowing which company’s software lineup is better, I have to assume that software is not the deciding factor, which means that price will be. A 360 owner doesn’t have a choice, nor does a PS3 owner, so price will only impact the ‘whether to buy’ decision, not ‘which one to buy.’  Fewer people will buy at $149 than will buy at $79, quite obviously.  This is a similar dilemma to what PS3 faced at launch, being much more expensive than the competition.  If the rumored pricing is true, I expect a similar outcome,” Wedbush Morgan’s MichaelPachter told IndustryGamers.

Pachter’s thoughts were echoed by Arvind Bhattia of Sterne Agee & Leach, who said: “I think $149 for a camera is a bit steep and not a mass market price point. If true, I would expect initial sell through to be mediocre. I think $50 to $79 is where it gets exciting for consumers.”

IndustryGamers interviewed a number of other analysts, who also echoed that they weren’t enamored by the rumored price point.

What do you think? Is $149 a decent price for Natal, or is it too early to tell?

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  • Michael

    haha.. $149? What a joke. Even half of that $70 would be way too much. It is just a glorified web camera/eye toy..

    They even scrapped the separate chip idea so it has to use the 360's CPU completely. Your getting a camera not a new console.