NanoTowns Tips & Strategies: Build Your Way to Success

Mon, May 3, 2010

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Digital Chocolate launched NanoTowns on Facebook back in March. The game allows you to build your own bustling metropolis, complete quests, collect rent, purchase vehicles, and otherwise customize your town the way that you see fit.

If you’re a new player to the city-simulation title, or even if you’ve been playing the game for an extended amount of time, our friends at Gamezebo have posted a full walkthrough of the game to help you grow from small and insignificant to large and booming.

Want some quick tips and strategies on how to make the most of your time in the game? Follow these helpful tips and strategies and you’ll be the leader of your own successful little city in no time flat.

Game Tips and Strategies

  • When you begin the game use the “Instant build” features on the Bakery, Cafe and Burger Chains. This will give you a large amount of experience points even though you may lose some coins it will level you up fast. The rewards from leveling up faster will actually put you ahead.
  • The first building purchase you should make is the Record Store for 100 Town Coins. This takes 2 hours to build so purchase it right away.
  • Every 5 or so minutes you will notice an image of a cluster of 3 coins in a bubble above your buildings. This is the rent being collected and one of the ways you earn money in the game. The less expensive buildings you will purchase at the beginning of the game tend to have a 5 minute timer for the rent payout. As you purchase more expensive buildings you will learn that they pay out much higher rent but you have to wait longer to collect it. Be sure to see “Building Rents” below to learn which buildings pay out the most and how long you will have to wait.
  • You can collect rent from your buildings AND your Neighbors buildings so having a lot of Neighbors is critical. (See how to invite additional Neighbors below) Note that your buildings will yield different amounts of rents collected at different times and Neighbor visits will earn you 1 Town Coin for each completed building they have in their town. It appears you can collect from your Neighbor every 15 minutes so Be sure to take the time to harvest coins daily. You can actually harvest a large amount of money if you commit at least half an hour a day to it. Each building in your town has a different amount of rent. When you collect from your Neighbors you will collect 1 coin per building in their town.
  • A great strategy for gaining a large amount of experience points fast is to purchase a large number of DC News Stands and let them earn you a large amount of experience points. You produce the DC Magazine Stand for 15 coins and will earn 10 XP each time. You can also sell it back for 18 coins for a small profit if you choose.
  • Quests are the best way to earn coins and experience points. A maximum of five quests will appear at a time so be sure to study each one for the amount of coins or experience points earned. Some will offer less coins but more XP and some will offer less XP but more coins. It depends on your goal. If you want to level up fast focus on quests that offer higher XP and if you want more coins to invest in your town then you should focus on quests offering more coins as a reward.
  • Sometimes it is best to own more than one of a certain type of building. For example owning several Cafes, Burger Stands, and News Stands can help you to level up through the first 6 levels very fast. Many of the quests are similar and if you have more than one building producing you will get things completed much quicker. As you level up and do not need this items you can sell a few of them off to invest in more expensive buildings. Do not sell all of them because you need at least one of each building to make sure you can handle any quests that come along.
  • Be sure to look at the number of items in storage when deciding on an item to produce. There is a number in the upper right hand corner telling you how many you have in inventory. This will save you a lot of time if you get into the habit of checking this number before you have any duplicates or waste time.
  • Whenever you cut the ribbon on a new building immediately begin producing an item from it even if you do not have any quests requiring it. It is always good to keep as many buildings producing as possible to stockpile items for future quests. This will help you to level up much faster as you open more buildings and quests.
  • Avoid Duplicate Quests whenever possible. If you have a quest pending and it comes up again decline it so another quest will come up that you can earn points from rather than tying up all the time after duplicates.
  • Note that each building has a different rent time and amount. (See Building Rents.) Some Buildings will have rents payable to you every 1 to 5 minutes and some only pay rents once a day. Typically the larger the rent amount, the longer you will have to wait for it.
  • Collect rent frequently and visit your Neighbors for an hour a day to stockpile a large amount of town coins. Reinvest them into the most expensive building you can afford. These buildings will pay you higher rent and give you quests that earn you large amounts of XP.
  • It is wise in the beginning to purchase 2 Burger Chains and 2 Cafes since the early quests rely heavily on what these businesses produce. As you progress in the game you will not need these as much so sell 1 of them and reinvest your coins into a more expensive building which will pay higher rent to you and give you a quest with a higher XP payout.
  • TIP – Use this guide to purchase buildings wisely. Purchase buildings that produce items or quests first and leave the ones that are only for decoration once you have your game well established.
  • TIP – Before you purchase an item from the Market that can be produced be sure to check the cost of “Instant Production” For Example, if you would like to purchase a bed instead of waiting 4 hours for it to be produced you could buy it from the Market for 6,947 Town Coins or you could use “Instant Production” for 5,324 Town Coins thus saving you 1,623 Town Coins. Always check instant production cost versus Market prices when applicable.
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