Namco’s iPhone Games Downloaded Over 23 Million Times

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

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If there’s one area where the video game industry is booming, it’s the mobile gaming space. One shining example of this trend is Namco Bandai, who announced yesterday (via company press release) that their line of iPhone games have sold over 23 million downloads since the App Store’s creation in June of 2008.

While 23 million might sound like, and in fact is a staggering figure, Namco does one better, by transforming that figure into downloads per day – a whopping 36,450 downloads on average. Consumers in the App Store have over 100,000 apps to choose from, which makes Namco’s figure all the more impressive.

Helping to fuel those numbers are the 23 games Namco has available on the App Store, which include the dangerously addictive Pac-Man Championship Edition and entries in the Ace Combat and Galaga franchises.

Namco hopes to improve upon their already impressive figures this year by adding 20 new games to the service, including Pool Pro Online 3.

If you want to check out Namco’s Apps for yourself (and I know you want to), head over to Namco Networks America Inc..

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