Mythos Global Now in Open Beta

Thu, Feb 2, 2012

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The legends are true! Myth confirmed! If you’ve been waiting for a chance to play Mythos Global, a new MMORPG full of satyrs, cyclops, and dungeon-crawls, well, you can stop thinking of the game as some far-fetched fairy tale. TriplePoint client Redbana shared the news today that Mythos Global has gone into Open Beta Test, so now you can check out the world and its many races and classes for yourself.

According to the myths:

Mythos’ fantasy universe is home to four different playable character races: the Cyclopes with their ox-like strength, the ever-diplomatic humans, the wily, energetic Gremlins and the mystical, sage-like Satyrs. There will also be three classes unique to Mythos: let the blood be your guide as a Bloodletter, may the flames contain your rage as a Pyromancer or arm traps, bombs and mysterious machinery as a Gadgeteer!

Get to it!

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