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Wed, Aug 25, 2010

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It’s that time once again when Zynga decides to overhaul FarmVille’s Mystery Game by adding new items, and in addition to that, they’ve also expanded on the Summer theme of items by releasing new options into the game’s store. Let’s take a look at these updates, shall we?

Mystery Game Contains New Items

It seems that the Mystery Game has indefinitely replaced the Mystery Boxes or Crates that were normally found in the game’s store, as for another week, Zynga has unleashed a new set of animals and decorations into the game via the Mystery Game.

These items include a Stone Pool, Pig Trampoline (a pig sitting atop a trampoline), a Kids Playhouse, a Pool House, Pot Belly Pig, and Miniature Pig.

We unfortunately don’t have images of these items to share, but the second we do, we’ll come back and update this space, so stay tuned!

New Summer Items Include Roadside Stands and Diners

With just a day left for most of the game’s summer theme of items, it was time that Zynga added new items to the theme, and they have done just that, with new Buildings and Decorations being added to the game’s store.

For the buildings section, we see a Roadside Diner and Curiosity Shop being added to the mix. The Roadside Diner costs 42 Farm Cash, and the Curiosity Shop costs 350,000 coins. As usual, such a high coin price tag comes paired with an equally high experience point bonus, at 3,500 points.

In terms of new decorations, there are five new items now available, two of which cost Farm Cash. The Mt. Waterfall (a very large item, for the record), costs 30 Farm Cash, while a Hippo Fountain costs 22 Farm Cash.

Meanwhile, a new Backyard Sprinkler costs 100,000 coins (and rewards you with 1000 experience points), a Roadside Statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe costs 80,000 coins (and rewards 800 experience points), and finally, a Coffee Tower (like a water tower, but with a coffee pot) costs 50,000 coins (with a 500 experience point bonus).

These newest items will be around in stores for the next eight days – be sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any that interest you while they are still available.

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