MySpace on Top on Android: Here’s How

Wed, Mar 17, 2010

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Puzzling as it was that MySpace announced that they were number one on the Android platform last month, there must have been some solid reasons why it has happened and why other services aren’t ahead. Especially puzzling is that there are simply more Facebook users than MySpace users in general.

ReadWriteWeb has an interesting write-up on how it happened and I would happen to think a lot of these assumptions would have to be true. Their first theory is centered around the idea of third party apps. For Facebook there are a lot of third party applications outside of the official one which would make it easy to split the user base up when it comes to which apps they use to access Facebook. As of right now there is only one third party MySpace app which would mean that most are probably downloading the official app.

The next point brought up is the Facebook pre-installs. On my Motorola Droid, the app is preinstalled and most likely does not count towards the market downloads for the app. MySpace is not preinstalled meaning that anyone wanting to access MySpace would actually have to access the market and download it while Facebook users may not have to.

The article’s third point is about the mobile web sites offered by the two social services. The Facebook app does not offer all of the form and function of the MySpace app and sometimes even requires users to visit the mobile site in order to complete certain tasks. This can be frustrating to users and does not provide a unified experience that is found on the official Facebook iPhone app.

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