MyDinos Go! and WorldSoccer Go! Cones and Diamonds Giveaway! (Free Codes and Details Inside)

Wed, Aug 25, 2010

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For those of you who are really into Triplepoint client Oceanside Interactive’s MyDinos Go! and WorldSoccer Go!, we have an excellent promotion for the games we’d love to share with you. Of course, the best kind of promotion is a free money promotion and this is exactly what this giveaway is.

The giveaway is a boost of 6 free cones or 6 free diamonds (depending on which game you’re playing). Now, if you are unfamiliar, these two games from Oceanside are completely free to play and require no purchase of in-game currency (but do allow it). However, this giveaway for 6 free dinos or diamonds and can land you a big boost in these games if used correctly.

First, here’s the codes for your free Dinos and Diamonds:

Now remember, everyone’s a winner – just type in the code!

For WorldSoccer Go!, use SOCCERKICKA827

For MyDinos Go!, use DinodigA333

These codes can be used by anyone, and there is no limit on how many players can use them. Just type them in and you’ll be six cones or diamonds richer! Does that sound awesome? That’s because it is! That’s not all however, as there is an additional contest being conducted by the developer’s themselves that can boost your bonuses even higher.

At the end of this week, the developers will choose five lucky users at random to win 20 Diamonds or Gold Cones which ends up being close to a 5$ value. Next week, the contest starts over again and will run for about a month. At the end of that month, the developers will choose three players out of those who used a code from above to win either 110 Diamonds or Golden Cones.

All of these sound like excellent deals for those who play these games. Don’t feel left out, however, as you can still get in on the action by downloading these games now: MyDinos Go! App Store link and WorldSoccer Go! App Store link.

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  • Stevennguyenvo

    are there other codes because i want catsanda but ineed 4more diamands so i can get her before i run out of time my mom wont let me buy diamands from her credit card and i cant download other games because i dont know her apple account?

  • Oz_spadez7

    Please post more codes. =]

  • Cooler666

    Another code for 6 diamonds is dinodigd999

  • Jake


  • Ducky1212

    kk i added u

  • Davismon

    Can any one post World soccer codes? PLZZZ

  • Jayron

    add me 6867787286

  • Dff

    a code for my dinos go is 5320469610 it gives you 4 diamonds.

  • Jayden Prowse

    is there any energy bonus codes

  • Jayden Prowse

    is there any energy bonus codes