My Personality Allows for Psychological Research on Facebook

Mon, Apr 5, 2010

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As reported by Inside Facebook, a pair of psychology students from the United Kingdom have set out to do serious psychological research through a Facebook application called My Personality.

So far, the app contains seven tests and quizzes, the most meaningful of which is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI asks users a series of questions about potential choices you may make or desires you may express, with the test being able to better pinpoint your personality type if you answer more and more questions. At the end, you’re given a four letter personality designation that offers some interesting insight into your own personality, gauging your introversion and extroversion, along with your tendencies towards either thinking or feeling.

If you agree to share your data (it is passed along anonymously), David Stillwell, the app’s creator can analyze your results, compare them to that of other users, and, in theory, draw conclusions as to how a person’s personality affects their use of a social network, namely, what sorts of products would a person prefer to purchase through Facebook based on their personality type.

Unlike the dozens of fruitless “joke” quizzes you can find on Facebook, this one is legitimate and strives to be as professional as something on Facebook ultimately can be. To test your own personality, head over to the app’s page on Facebook.

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  • David Stillwell

    Hi Brandy, I run the myPersonality application, thanks for featuring us. The Jungian Type (which is measured elsewhere by the MBTI) is perhaps the most well-known result that myPersonality provides, but our main test is a Big 5 personality test. This is the test that psychological research uses and which over the last 15 years has become the dominant model of personality in both research and corporate personality testing. We provide the Jungian Type result as a comparison for people who are more familiar with this.