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Mon, May 3, 2010

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Looking for My City Life tips and tricks? Thinking about playing, but you’re not sure if it’s up your alley? Well you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got the info, strategies and cheats you should know, from Gamezebo’s full walkthrough of My City Life on Facebook. Tips and tricks in-hand, you’ll be ready to build your big city, get business booming, keep crime and pollution under control, and beat your friends in no time.

Are there any My City Life strategies that aren’t included here? Let us know your secrets to success in the comments below!

Game Information

My City Life is a real time Simulation game created by City Life and played on Facebook. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to complete My City Life. This guide will be updated as the game changes so check back frequently.

  • My City Life is a simulation game developed by City Life Games and added to Facebook in January of 2010. My City Life allows you to design your own virtual City. With the help of your Facebook Friends you can build a bustling, productive City that will thrive under your supervision.
  • Players will place businesses, houses, and other support structures in their City to collect coins which will be reinvested into the City’s development.
  • You will be given statistics of such things as crime and pollution which you will be responsible to monitor and repair.
  • You can counteract pollution by placing nature items such as green houses, parks and ponds.
  • You can counteract crime by placing police stations and fire stations in your City.
  • You will begin with a small piece of land, a power company and 3 small houses. Arrange the items on the land in any way you wish and wait until enough time has passed to collect money on each item in your city. As you collect taxes on these items you will purchase more items that will earn money for you. Over time your income will grow exponentially as the more items you place, the more money you can earn.
  • Your Facebook friends are your Neighbors and an important part of the game as you can visit their Cities each day to earn coins and to work in one of their buildings to help them out.
  • Gifting is critical in the beginning of the game. Have your friends send you gifts each day and be sure to send to them. Items will unlock in the gifting area as you progress in the game. You may not be able to use all the gifts given to you right away and can hold them in storage until you have enough resources to support them. You can also sell them for money instead of waiting to place them.
  • You can hire your Neighbors to work in the businesses and homes of your city or they can volunteer to work in one of your homes or businesses while they visit you. If you have a house with a late Tax collection it will be outlined in red. If you Neighbor chooses to work in a house outlined in red it will turn back to green and you will collect the full amount of money and XP as this structure will start to sparkle after it turns green and will stay this way until the taxes are collected on the structure.
  • Each house, building, transportation mode and community park have a different amount of time you must wait before you can collect from them. If you collect the money when the building is outlined in green you will receive the full amount. If you are late they will be outlined in red. You will still get some money but it will be greatly reduced.
  • You can train students in the University and when they graduate they enter the workforce. These workers will earn you an additional 25 coins when taxes are collected from a structure.
  • You can train workers to become Fire Fighters and Policemen in your Police Stations and Fire Stations. After they are trained they can be put to work earning you 50 coins each for one time only.
  • Keep an eye on the games statistics so you can purchase the correct items to keep your city balanced and productive for you.
  • Additional games developed by City Life Games and played on Facebook include, Hospital City, Vampires, Beach City, Farm Country and Skycity.

Game Strategies, Tips, and Considerations

  • TIP – A small house can be purchase for 30 coins. After 3 hours you will earn 40 coins so the houses pay for themselves after 3 hours. You could essentially buy small houses and double your money several times over if you are willing to put in the time. After you have around 25 houses sell the small houses off and replace them with larger houses, apartments or condos. This will save a lot of space and you will make more money overall.
  • If you are visiting a Neighbor and you see they have a house in late collection (Red outline) you can click on the house and work in it which will take it back to on time status and turn it green. You can only do this for 1 house per visit per day but hopefully your Neighbor will do this for you when they visit your City. Once your neighbor or you save a structure it will turn green and begin to sparkle. It will stay this way until the taxes are collected by the City owner. Working in your Neighbor’s structure earns you 15 coins and can be done once per 24 hours per Neighbor.
  • Purchase a University as soon as possible as this will allow you to train people to enter the workforce which means more money for you. A University trains a worker for you every 8 hours so if you want to build these up quickly be sure to check in every 8 hours to release the student so another can start training. Having more than 1 University is a great idea if you can afford it.
  • If you can afford 60 Credits for an Ivy League University you can train workers to become doctors which earn you a large amount of money when you place them in the workforce.
  • When you have Police and Fire Stations in your City take the time to save up several workers from the University and then train them all to become Fire Fighter and Policemen. After they are trained which takes only about a minute to do. (See Training Policemen and Firemen Below) you can redeem them for 30 coins each all at once. This is a great way to earn extra money.
  • Visiting neighbors will earn you 15 coins and 1 XP. Try to visit your neighbors each day to earn this free income. You can also work in their houses which will inspire them to do the same for you.
  • Do not purchase decor items until you are well established in the game save the money to reinvest in structures.
  • Try to set an alarm clock and check back on your City to collect the taxes on time. Doing this for just one day can increase your income significantly.
  • An item is late when twice it’s time has gone by. For example if a small house takes 3 hours before you can collect you will be given 3 hours from the point it becomes green to collect. Once 6 hours hits it will turn red and you will lose a lot of money.

Ways to Decrease Crime

  • My City LifeTo decrease crime you will need to have Police Stations and Fire Stations in your City as well as Town Hall buildings and Churches. These building will decrease crime by at least 25 points for each one you place on land.
  • NOTE – Putting Policemen and Firefighters out in the workforce does not decrease your crime rate.
  • Businesses are the largest cause of increased crime so keep an eye on the statistics and check to see how much crime a structure will add to you City. You may have to counteract this with more police or fire stations.

Ways to Decrease Pollution

  • The best way to decrease pollution is to place as many nature items as possible on your land. Ask your Neighbors to gift green houses to you in the beginning and when you have several sell them and purchase farms, parks and lakes which will wipe our a large amount of pollution at once.
  • Transportation is the largest cause of pollution in the game. You may want to go easy on transportation until you can afford nature items to balance it out.
  • Keep an eye on your statistics. The game also does a good job of notifying you when something is out of balance and telling you what you need to purchase or sell to fix it.
  • When you have enough money start to purchase trees and shrubs as they remove 1 pollution point each.

For more general information, visit Gamezebo for the full scoop on My City Life.

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