Music Pets Strips Away the Monotony of Pet Care and Replaces it with Rock-n-Roll

Inside Social Games recently took a look at Music Pets, a Facebook game that has around 70,000 monthly active users.

The game is aesthetically very similar to Pet Society, and even plays similarly (to a point) in that you can buy items from in-game stores to decorate your home, and you must focus on keeping your pet well cared for.

However, the similarities end abruptly when taking into account that there are no frilly soaps here to clean your pet; no brushes to keep their coat at a fine luster. Instead, you pick from a list of pet and room templates, name your little critter and are allowed to make your first musical choice, based on what you would like your pet to consider a favorite.

The game uses licensed music (however, each track can only be listened to once a day), so choose your first artist wisely (note that some artists aren’t available), as the game will use it to accumulate similar songs for your listening pleasure early on. For the sake of argument, I tried to choose artist like Radiohead, Theory of a Deadman, and Poets of the Fall (none were available) before finally settling on Nickelback. This choice opened up a limited range of additional artists like 3 Doors Down and 10 Years for my choosing.


As your pet grows, it will be allowed to “Fetch” more songs from similar artists. Visiting friends increases its happiness, and earns you experience. As you level up, you’ll be allowed to expand your musical library to options beyond what your pet automatically fetches with customizable searches.

The game combines the music player aspect with a “collect-them-all” feature by allowing you to view complete albums and keep track of which songs your pet has fetched for you, or, at later levels, which you have manually added to your collection. Completing collections works along with the game’s various achievements to reward you with bonuses for keeping your pet happy.

I have to admit that in the world of pet-care games, I’m easily bored and fairly hard to please. However, Music Pets seem to combine the best of that genre with an overall love of music, which I can definitely get behind. If you agree, or would simply like to learn more about the game for yourself, head over to the game’s Facebook page and start rocking out now.

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