Multiplatform Racer Blur Offers Twitter Integration

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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As reported by Social Times, Blur, the high-octane racer for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will allow users to send messages to their Twitter accounts from within the game.

Dan Amrich, a blogger for Activision, explains the process better than I ever could: ““I’m watching my Twitter account and a friend on 360 says ‘Hey, @OneOfSwords, I just got this time on this track, try and beat it,’ and I’m playing the PS3 version…that’s a cross-platform challenge. I can certainly read that message, then sit down at my machine and try to beat his time. There is no technical infrastructure or data link between those two platforms; you can’t send from Twitter directly to someone’s 360 or PS3 inbox.”

While this all seems to be more about bragging rights than any in-depth connection between the two consoles, it’s still an interesting concept. Now, no matter which console you choose to purchase the game on, you can see proof of your buddies’ success and aim to take them down, rather than rely on word-of-mouth.

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