Mozilla Firefox Updated Because of FarmVille… Wait, What?

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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In an odd instance, Mozilla has updated their popular Firefox browser to help fix a bug that is plaguing FarmVille users. The problem? They couldn’t play the game because last week’s 3.6.4 update broke the ability to play it entirely.

According to Mashable, last week’s Firefox update included a new feature called “plugin browser crash protection” that was supposed to protect the browser in the event that one of the plugins used within would crash.

The update sounds fine, but the side effect was the inability for many to play FarmVille. In the 3.6.6. update issued today, Firefox will now wait longer before killing unresponsive plugins. The delay was only 10 seconds in 3.6.4, and is now 45 seconds in 3.6.6. which should be plenty of time for FarmVille to recover itself.

Wow, this just goes to show how popular FarmVille actually is. Before now, I have never heard of a browser updating due to an issue concerning a flash game. Rock on, Zynga. Rock on.

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  • JJDawg

    “In the 4.6.6. update issued today…”

    Whoa time traveler, I think you meant 3.6.6 there.

  • anon

    Boo lol making changes for a failboo app bleh