Moxy Games Launches Greatest Cook on Facebook

Wed, Jul 14, 2010

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While there aren’t a lack of cooking games on Facebook (the largest two being of course Cafe World and Restaurant City), the format of said games tends to be the same – you play the game from an overhead, “out of body” experience, if you will. Moxy Games, however, is taking a different stab at this formula with the release of Greatest Cook on Facebook.

To be blunt, the game is as close to a Cooking Mama clone as you’ll come on Facebook. You’ll be able to cook dishes like pizza, and in the process, take part in some mini-game type activities, that see you tracing an orange outline with your mouse (click and drag) to do all manner of things, from kneading dough, using a rolling pin and so on.

Other steps include grating cheese, and of course, placing your dish in the oven to cook. Each dish takes a specific amount of time to cook, or you can use some of the game’s premium currency to instantly cook your dishes. When the dish is done, you can decorate it with garnishes, and make “food art,” as the game calls it. When all is said and done, you have to set the table for your friends to come and eat.

Other game activities include decorating your kitchen’s refrigerator with magnets, or the kitchen itself with new wallpaper and flooring options (as two examples). You can take your friends’ ingredients, if you need a particular item to finish a recipe, or you can jump right into cooking a new dish by clicking on one of your available cooking slots (you unlock more spots, along with more recipes, ranging from breakfast and appetizers to entrees and desserts, as you level up).

Greatest Cook launched on Facebook at the beginning of June, and looks to be growing all of the time, with Moxy working on the game’s loading issues (if you happen to encounter any), along with accepting fan feedback as to how you think the game can be improved. If you’d like to take a different spin on the traditional Facebook cooking game, take a gander at the game’s page on Facebook.

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