Mother’s Day Was Payday for Social Game Publishers

Sat, May 15, 2010

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The Mother’s Day gift giving market is second only to the winter holiday market, and this year social game publishers decided to invest in the season. I’m sure you saw all of your social games receive some sort of attention; free gifts, new themes, new purchasable items all swamped games preceding and during the holiday. These were just the window dressing on the Mother’s Day market. Where the real meat was for publishers was in the “gifts for mom” promotions: buy flowers for mom and get $X in virtual currency, send a gift and receive a discount.

Game publishers invested well, as shown by the numbers offer firm TrialPlay released. Mother’s Day gifts generated about $1 million a day for game publishers. Social game publishers saw a five-fold increase in offer-based revenue, a revenue stream that usually accounts for 15-20% of a social game’s total revenue. 40% of buyers were purchasing through the game for the first time.

And money wasn’t the only name of the game; visitor conversion rates more than doubled during the Mother’s Day holiday. Nearly 40% of the top 50 Facebook social games ran specials, presenting nearly 80 million players a day with the offers. Since Mother’s Day payed so well for publishers, perhaps we will see an increase in offers for Father’s Day as well.

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