More Game Features Have Been Added to Ranch Town

Thu, Apr 29, 2010

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As we told you last week, Meteor Games has launched a brand new game on Facebook entitled Ranch Town. While most games launch with most of their base features intact, Meteor instead decided to launch Ranch Town with the most basic of abilities in place – planting and harvesting crops, feeding and collecting milk from a cow, and picking fruit from your default apple tree.

Over the last week, some more of the game’s standout features (like mining, fishing, and so on) have started to be rolled out in the game, with the release of new machines and new tasks associated with them.

For starters, if you’ve been using your time wisely, planting and harvesting crops for the sake of earning coins, you’ll likely have enough on hand to purchase at least the first three machines from the game’s shop. The three machines are the Smelter, Soil Processor and Smoke House. You’ll use these new machines to transform the raw materials you can now collect around your ranch (Copper Ore, Rich River Soil and Salmon, respectively) into higher quality materials, which can be sold for more coins.

For the Smelter, the Copper Ore which would originally go for just 5 coins is turned into a Copper Bar which sells for 10 coins. The same applies to the other two machines – the River Rich Soil is turned into Gold Flakes, and the Salmon is turned into Smoked Salmon. Both items in their unprocessed state would go for 5 coins, but afterward can be sold for 10.

As you level, you’ll gain access to items like a Butter Churn and Juice Machine, also available from the store, but for a much higher price point. The Butter Churn allows you to transform your basic, 10 coins of profit milk (produced by the Cow when fed Alfalfa) into a Stick of Butter that can be sold for 20 coins, while the Fruit Machine allows you to turn the fruit you’ve picked from your Apple Tree into Juice that can also be sold for 20 coins.

Even with these updates, the game is still fairly slow-moving. I’ve been playing the game since launch, and have yet to reach level 6. You can wait around your ranch for new piles of soil or schools of fish to appear for you to collect them and start the conversion process all over again, but just how long your patience holds out to do these repetitive tasks will be up to you.

The game shows a lot of promise, and we’re willing to bet it will become much better with time, especially once decorations are finally rolled out in the game. In the meantime, to see the changes that have taken place, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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