MonstrosCity Has Been Unleashed on Facebook!

Thu, Apr 1, 2010

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Just a few short hours ago, BitMinion launched the public beta of MonstrosCity on Facebook. The game can be most easily described as a pet care-taking simulation with a twist – sure, you’ll spend time caring for your animal, feeding it and watching it grow, but in order to keep it happy, you’ll have to unleash its destructive power onto Paris, hence the game’s name.

To begin, you’ll adopt one of three little monsters (four, if you include the Facebook Credit option). Feeding it will help it grow, and will earn you experience points that go towards your level (just like in other Facebook games of this type).

Foods have different time limits, and you’ll have to wait that amount of time before you can activate the next growth of your pet, which literally causes it to grow in height, a figure that can be tracked by simply clicking on your pet. Clicking on the pet also gives you the time remaining before you can grow, or allows you to unleash your pet’s destructive fury in the game (afterwards, that too is replaced by a timer, as you can only cause destruction every so often).

By allowing your pet to unleash its energy, you’ll destroy (or at least damage) the decorations that you’ve set around your town. If the items make it through the destruction, they can be repaired by simply clicking on the item and clicking “repair.”

As your pets grow, they’ll need more space to roam around in, so you can expand into new areas of the city, like Downtown or the Town Square, as seen below.

You can own multiple monsters at once (additional monsters can be purchased from the game’s store), but there is a limit as to how many monsters each particular city sector can hold, along with a limit on decorations. Your starter area (the Apartment) can hold two monsters and 15 decorative items (which, along with food, are also available to purchase in the store).

As any respectable Facebook game should, MonstrosCity allows you to send free gifts to your friends in the form of food items and decorations, with more options being unlocked as you level up. You can also visit your friends, and tell their pets to “Unleash,” apparently at a rate of once every 20 hours (according to an in-game timer that appears when clicking on a friend’s monster). You’ll earn experience points for doing so.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, head over to the MonstrosCity page on Facebook and start raising your own little monster!

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