Monsters Invade: Oz Invades: iOS

Wed, Jun 5, 2013

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The merry old land of Oz is a pretty dangerous place, regardless of which incarnation you visit. Depending on when you stop by, you’ve got to worry about flying monkeys and angry apple trees, or Quadling armies, or witches who sing about how unfair things are. It’s not completely unreasonable, then, to think that if you’re going to make a trek down the yellow brick road, you might have to deal with some monsters. Little Box (a TriplePoint client) made the big announcement that they’re following that logic in game form with the forthcoming release of Monsters Invade: Oz for iOS devices. It’s happening in two weeks, and will allow you to cross Oz while capturing, battling, and evolving a big collection of beasties.

From the press release:

In Monsters Invade: Oz, players train and battle colorful, hand-drawn (and insanely cute) monsters. There are over 100 to collect as players travel through six unique worlds and complete a multitude of quests. This game offers vivid colors and animations as well as easy-to-use gesture-based controls. Players capture, collect, level up, and battle monsters using intuitive timing-based combat mechanics.

A free download, Monsters Invade: Oz invades the App Store on June 19, 2013.

From the trailer:

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