Monsters are Still Invading Oz

Fri, Jul 12, 2013

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Oz is a terrifying place on its best day, and ever since it was invaded by monsters, it’s been downright inhospitable. We’ve done our best to warn you of these recent perils, but if you’re alive and reading this post, you’re presumably hardy enough to have survived in the world of Monsters Invade: Oz. Well, good luck, because according to Little Box (a TriplePoint client), there’s 20 new monsters out there, and you know what they’re doing? Yeah, they’re invading Oz. That place really needs a standing army that isn’t composed of winged monkeys.

From the press release:

With over three million monster battles and one million quests completed, Little Box is happy to announce a brand new update forMonsters Invade: Oz. The update includes 20 new cute creatures for players to capture and train, plus a dozen new quests to conquer as they travel the yellow brick road. In addition, Little Box has introduced a new social feature, allowing players to challenge their friends on Facebook to see who is the ultimate monster catcher – you’ve got to catch them all to be the very best! Check out the casual RPG fun for free on iOS today.

New content in Monsters Invade: Oz:

  • Twenty new monsters each with their own unique evolution
  • Twelve new quests to complete as you explore the Land of Oz
  • Brand new social feature allows you to compete against Facebook friends to see who can capture the most monsters

You can download the game for free, but if I were you I’d follow the yellow brick road right the hell out of there. Jeez.

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