Mobile Monday Madness: Google App Inventor, Apple Class Action Suit Approved, New comScore Stats

Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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Welcome to this edition of Mobile Monday Madness! Every Monday, we look to find the biggest and best stories in the mobile news world and bring them to you in a wrap-up format. This week we are taking a look at the new Google App Inventor designed to be the best app creation tool that doesn’t require code knowledge, Apple & AT&T’s class action monopoly lawsuit and the latest comScore stats that will show us how each platform is doing in the ultimate race for the top spot.

Google App Inventor

Today, Google has released a new utility that looks to change the way people create new apps for Android phones. Google App Inventor invites non-coders to develop complete Android apps simply by connecting a series of blocks. App Inventor has been test marketed prior to this release in a few schools and is only still currently available to those who request it and are approved by Google.

The concept isn’t a new idea, but this form of execution really hasn’t been seen before. The Android Market is perfect for this kind of development though, simply due to its open development policies. Also, with the Market quickly gaining on the iTunes App store, this should only help its chances with the almighty “app count”.

Mashable‘s question regarding the App Inventor: Will the apps created with it be worthwhile or just cookie cutter versions of the same app? It’s hard to say at this point, but this move will certainly draw some attention to the Android Market while everyone gets a chance to check it out.

Apple and AT&T’s Class Action iPhone Lawsuit Approved by Judge

A federal judge has approved the class action status of a lawsuit against Apple and AT&T’s “monopolistic practices” concerning the iPhone.

The Associated Press points out that several lawsuits popped up in 2007 and 2008 claiming that Apple and AT&T’s five year exclusivity agreement essentially locked in customers for that entire amount, not just the two year contract they signed when starting service with AT&T.

Along with AT&T issues, Apple is under fire for “driving prices up” and hurting competition by deciding which apps are available on the App Store and which apps users can install. This lawsuit seeks damages caused by these practices, legal fees and an injuction that would require Apple to sell unlocked phones only and stop regulating apps.

Even with their hot new iPhone 4, it seems Apple is finding it difficult to catch a break these days.

comScore Shows Android Still Gaining Rapidly

The last time we checked in with comScore, Android was growing faster than the mobile market itself at an astonishing 5.2% gain. The latest statistics don’t veer too far off of that rate with Android still showing a 4.0% gain for May.

In total, Android now sits at 13% marketshare sitting just behind Microsoft (13.2%) in overall share. I would expect with the new Droid X shipping later this month, Android will quickly overtake Microsoft given the hype around the new device.

RIM is still in the lead with 41.7%, Apple in second with 24.4% (-1.0% loss) but these numbers only reflect the end of May, and therefore do not show how the launch of the iPhone 4 has effected them. Also, the 1% loss is simply likely due to the amount of people waiting for the release of the iPhone 4 as well.

Well, that does it for this week’s edition of Mobile Monday Madness. We’ll see you next week!

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