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Wed, Aug 11, 2010

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A lot has happened in PetVille recently, both in the release of new items, and in the general flow of the gameplay. Zynga has not only added new items to the game’s store in the Midnight Crypt theme, but they’ve also revamped the Quest system to provide you with more goals to complete over time. Finally, Zynga is looking for fans’ help in deciding what the next Magic Door will lead to.

Limited Edition Midnight Crypt Items Available

To go along with last week’s launch of Midnight Crypt items in the game, Zynga has released a trio of limited edition items in the theme, two of which movie buffs should recognize. The first is the Shimmering Twins item, which is available for 24 Pet Cash. It appears to be a play on the twin girls seen in the horror film the Shining.

Meanwhile, the Bride of Frank (Bride of Frankenstein) figure is also available at a higher price of 26 Pet Cash. Both of the above items will be available for the next 14 days, while the third item is a “Wolf Cub – Lil’ Kentetsu.” It is the most expensive of the items, costing a whopping 45 Pet Cash, and it will only be around for five days, rather than two weeks like the others.

In addition to these items, a new Mystery Crate has been launched in this theme, offering a chance for players to win the 5 items available via the crates. Each crate costs 20 Pet Cash, and you’ll have a 10% chance of receiving a rare item for each. Meanwhile, 30% of the time, your item will be an uncommon item, while 60% (the majority) of the time, you’ll receive a common item.

Revamped Quest System Helps You Earn Coins and Love

You might have noticed that a few new symbols have appeared in the top left corner of the game’s page. These symbols are quest icons that correspond to quick and (for the most part) easy ways to earn some extra Love points and coins in the game.

The quests start as incredibly simplistic – clean your pet, or pick up all of the trash in your home, and then expand from there, to include quests like visiting a certain store a set number of times, collecting food bowl gems (that appear when your pet is done eating), or spending a certain amount of coins in the store.

For each of the quests you complete, you’ll earn a small amount of coins and Love points. Be sure to start tacking these quests soon to start earning your free coins and experience points.

Take A Survey – Help Zynga Plan the Next Magic Door

If you’ve already started to long for another interactive Magic Door in your PetVille attic, you’ll be happy to know that Zynga is planning on releasing yet another in the future. However, where that door will take us is actually up to us to decide, via a new fan survey that the developer has released.

The survey, which can be taken by clicking on this link, contains a single page of questions, including those for how long you’ve been playing the game and your level. Other than that, you’ll be met with a list of potential themes for the next Magic Door and will be asked to rate them on a five point scale – whether you love or hate an option at the two extremes.

Some of the options therein are the Underwater and Halloween themes, Outer Space, Greek, Roman, or even Winter Wonderland, among others. There is also a space available for you to fill in your own suggestion, should you decide to let your creativity flow.

The survey also hints at the addition of a storage closet in the attic that would let us store our extra items on shelves, but anything past speculation as the existence of that item is unknown.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to see all of these updates in action.

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