Microsoft’s Natal Set to Revolutionize More than Gaming?

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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It is not very often that we see praise from one side of the console “war” given to another side. Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin, speaking on GameTrailer’s Bonus Round show (and reported by Industry Gamers), stated that he believed that the new Xbox Natal device’s innovations may extend beyond gaming and that Microsoft could “sell a lot more Xbox’s if they played their cards right.” While it remains to be seen whether or not Rubin’s statement will hold true, it was interesting to see a high-profile Sony-exclusive developer comment on Microsoft’s latest innovation, let alone praise it.

I can only assume he was referring to the revolutionary way the device can be used to control the Xbox 360 Dashboard to watch movies, browse photos, and communicate with people. With just a wave of your hand, you are controlling the entire interface without any sort of remote or controller in your hands.

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