Microsoft’s Natal Finds Its First Title ‘River Rush’

Mon, Apr 19, 2010

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James Gunn, a big shot famous hollywood writer, has apparently been given a preview by Microsoft of a new Natal game called ‘River Rush’ at a new Los Angeles event. At the event, Microsoft was previewing Natal along with many other titles including Halo Reach. Gunn reported the experience regarding Reach and ‘River Rush’ on his blog.

In the entry on his blog, Gunn described River Rush as being “It’s a game where you stand side by side in a river raft, so it’s two people playing at once.  To move right, you have to step right; to move left, you have to step left.” Sounds interesting for sure. He also added: “As you rush down right rapids, you have to jump up and slap floating stars in the air – the whole raft jumps up every time you do.”

I suppose I’ll wait until I see the game in action to pass judgement but it sounds like it should be an interesting game if it comes to fruition. I’m willing to bet that a ‘Wii Sports’-esque game will be bundled with Natal or at least, it’s a smart assumption.

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