Microsoft’s Game Room Looks to Recapture the Arcade’s Glory Days of Old

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

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If the thought of repurchasing all of your classic Xbox Live Arcade titles doesn’t upset you, you’ll be happy to know that the Xbox 360 Game Room is coming closer and closer to completion, with Edge pulling together everything you need to know about the upcoming service.

Upon downloading the client, you’ll receive the arcade venue itself, which can be decorated with one of six standard themes (more themes will be released in the future). You’ll instantly be able to choose from 30 launch titles from companies like Atari, Konami and Activision.

At their X10 conference, Microsoft confirmed that they would be bringing seven new games to the service each week, meaning that in just a few short months, your library could be overflowing with classic titles like Centipede and Pitfall, among many, many others.

Each game comes will come with two modes: a Ranked mode where you fight for points and a higher place on the leaderboards, and a Classic mode that provides for the game’s most classic experience with the addition of a rewind mechanic that allows you to rewind past any mistakes you made right before you “died” (if dying is the appropriate term for the game in question) and try again.

You’ll have multiple options when it comes to purchasing games. You can go back to the arcade glory days of old and spend 40 points (50 cents) per play of a game, or you can purchase it outright for 280 points ($3). Additionally, Games for Windows is supported, and purchasing the game for both platforms at once will cost 400 points ($5).

With the addition of multiplayer to the landscape, there is some incentive here to make Game Room your first destination for arcade style gaming, but we’ll have to wait until the service launches in full to see whether or not the system lives up to its potential.

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