Microsoft Reveals Social Console Arcade Service: Xbox 360 Game Room

Tue, Jan 12, 2010

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Microsoft’s newly announced Xbox Game Room is coming. Get ready to relive your coin-op glory days with 1000+ classic arcade titles headed to Xbox 360 over the next three years. The retro gaming service is slated to launch this Spring and will also be available for Windows Live on PC.

The Xbox Game Room will offer two payment options: buy a game for 240-400 Microsoft points, or pay 40 MS points a pop (per play) like the old days. A token idea for non-committal players, rainy days and Microsoft microtransaction revenues.

Xbox 360 users will be able to troll the virtual video arcade using their XBL avatars, create customizable (& upgradable) arcade areas, and invite friends to visit, play and compete.

Here’s the nifty Game Room trailer released at CES last week:

If you want to see more, Kotaku snuck a sneak peek in this CES video overview. And in a leaked interview last week, Microsoft’s President of the Entertainment & Devices Division, Robbie Bach said:

“Well, Game Room in some ways is sort of a retro approach. And it’s interesting, there’s a generation of people — sort of my advanced, mature age [laughs] — who grew up with a set of games like Centipede. They look almost like casual, fun games today — at the time they were high-end, edgy games — and so Game Room is the idea of bringing that back to the market. And bringing that to a very broad audience. And I think what we’re gonna find is that when people can get 30 or more of these games, they’re gonna love it for the experience. And it’s not just you and I who are gonna love it, even the people who would call themselves “hardcore gamers” are gonna say “Oh wow this is fun!” In a retro way. It’s sort of like my daughter going to watch Journey. I’m like, this is a band that was playing when I was growing up. And she thinks it’s a cool band and I like the music. And I think you’re gonna have the same phenomenon with Game Room. We’re gonna enjoy the games and they’re gonna think it’s cool. I think that’s very powerful.”

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