Meteor Introduces Jam Maker to Ranch Town

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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Meteor Games has introduced a new machine to Ranch Town, and it comes in the form of a Jam Maker. The Jam Maker is the first machine in the game that combines two individual items into one, more valuable, item, and it does its job by combining either Strawberries, Grapes, or Blackberries with Honey (from Bees) to create fruit flavored jams.

The Jam Maker is available to purchase from the game’s store for 3,500 coins, so long as you are above level nine, and can therefore unlock the machine to purchase it. Ranch Town isn’t a very quick game to level up in, but if you’re just starting out, don’t lose hope – head over to the game’s page to work on leveling up so that you too can purchase this new machine.

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