Meteor Games’ Facebook Updates: Ranch Town Gets Fertilized, Island Paradise Adds New Topiaries

Wed, Jul 14, 2010

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Meteor Games has been busy updating their Facebook games this week, as we see new additions in both Island Paradise and Ranch Town. In Ranch Town, we find that there is a new fertilizer item that will make your virtual pocketbook very happy, while over in Island Paradise, a new set of Topiaries will add a whimsical touch to your tropical farm.

Ranch Town Gets Fertilized

Tired of waiting for your crops to grow in Ranch Town? Wish there was something you could do to speed up the process? Well now there is, thanks to the introduction of fertilizer to the game. There are two varieties of fertilizer available in the game thus far.

The first is the Frontier Fertilizer, which costs 10 Meteor Credits, and will reduce the growth time of crops by 8 hours. Meanwhile, the second option is called the Deluxe Fertilizer, and it will set you back more, at 20 Meteor Credits each. For that cost though, the growth time is reduced by 16 hours. To be clear, this is the same exchange rate as if you had purchased two units of the Frontier Fertilizer, so don’t be fooled by the introduction of the second item.

Head over to the game’s page to give your crops a little boost with these new items.

Island Paradise Topiaries Have Been Pruned to Perfection

Over in Island Paradise, we’ve seen the addition of a few topiary themed items in the game’s store. These items are reserved only to fairly high level players.

The Toucan and Lion Topiaries, as examples, are available only to users above level 33 and 34, respectively. Once you reach that milestone, you can celebrate by purchasing the Toucan Topiary for 12,500 coins, while the Lion Topiary will set you back more, at 15,000 coins.

In addition to this update, keep an eye out for the “Wither Eliminator,” a limited-time-only item that will prevent your crops from every withering and dying again. Such convenience doesn’t come cheap, as the item will set you back 2,000 Meteor Credits.

Want to pick up any of these Island Paradise items? Head over to the game’s page to do so.

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  • Micheal Tibbs

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