Meteor Adds Automation to Ranch Town

Wed, May 19, 2010

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While growing crops in Ranch Town may be a large part of the game, you can arguably spend an even longer amount of time in the game’s “side-quests,” collecting items like Fresh Salmon, Copper Ore or River Soil, and subsequently transforming them into Smoked Salmon, Copper Bars, and Gold Flakes via the use of machines.

However, this time spent is comprised of clicking on each machine to add an item from your backpack, patiently watching the screen until your transformed item appears, clicking on that item, and then starting the process all over again. Machines can only hold three units of each ingredient at once, so you have/had to be diligent in clearing out space to continue transforming your goods.

This is a time-consuming process, which developer Meteor Games has decided to make much easier by introducing the concept of Automation to the game. Automation is a short way of saying “Steam Power,” which can be activated by clicking on the new Steam Power bar that sits under your level bar.

Doing so shows you a small symbol associated with each machine, or even animal, on your ranch. Click on the item to turn Automation on (the symbol goes from red to green), and click on it again to turn it off. In order to use Automation, you’ll need to have Steam Points, with a single Steam Point translating to a single click on each machine. That is, the process of adding, say, a Fresh Salmon to your Smoke House and then clicking on the Smoked Salmon that appears would equate to 2 Steam Points.

You can purchase Steam Points in five different quantities, each costing Meteor Credits, the game’s premium currency. The smallest amount is 150 Steam Points for 10 Meteor Credits, and from there, the total points grows quickly, all the way to the level of 12,000 Steam Points for the price of 800 Meteor Credits.

To be especially clear with how Automation works in the game, when you turn automation on for an item/animal, the game will automatically fill each machine to their maximum capacity of three items, the machines or animal will process the item accordingly, and then the game will automatically pick up the item and place it in your backpack. In this way, you can collect all of your crops and raw resources and leave the game running while you do other things, all the while knowing that you’re making money automatically thanks to Steam Points.

Want to take advantage of automation on your own ranch? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to get started!

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