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Tue, Aug 3, 2010

Happy Pets, Social

Happy Pets has updated quite a bit since we last spoke, with three particular news items making waves in the world of CrowdStar’s pet simulation game. First, we see a new Message Inbox added to the bottom right corner of the gameplay are, a new set of Unicorns and Pegasus pets available to purchase from the game’s store, and the announcement that you’ll soon be able to breed your own pets with those of your friends.

Send Messages to Your Friends Without Leaving the Game

If you’ve ever wanted to send a message to your Happy Pets neighbors without leaving the game (that is, without heading to your inbox to compose a new message), you can now do so via the creation of a Message Inbox in the game.

The Message Inbox can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the gameplay area. You’ll know if you have any messages waiting for you if there’s a number attached to the envelope (the number 0 appears when there are none).

From your inbox, you can even compose messages to neighbors, without having to travel to their in-game home first. Who will you send your first message to?

Purchase Unicorn and Pegasus Pets for A Limited Time

If you’ve wanted to add to your Horse collection in the game, but were waiting for something more unique than simply purchasing a new brown or black horse, then the new Unicorns and Pegasus pets will be perfect for you.

There are eight new “horses” available in this limited edition release, all of which are premium items. Four of the pets – the Lime Pinto Unicorn, the Cerulean Pegasus, Appaloosa Unicorn, and Pegazebra (a pegasus with zebra stripes) – cost 70 Facebook Credits each, or the equivalent of $7.00 US, while the other four pets – the Psychedelic Unicorn, the Purple Clydesdale Unicorn, the Psychedelic Pegasus, and the Purple Clydesdale Pegasus – cost more, at 80 Facebook Credits each, or $8.00.

Regardless of the pet you choose, they all grow to adulthood in 7 days, when fed regularly (every 16 hours). As they are all limited edition pets, they are limited in their quantity of availability, rather than in their time still available in the store. As of this writing, some of the options (like the Lime Pinto Unicorn and Cerulean Pegasus) are especially limited, with only a few hundred remaining available, while other options are available to over 500 users or more. Make sure to add these pets to your collection while you still can.

Social Breeding Coming Soon!

CrowdStar has announced that social breeding will soon be launching in the game. What is Social Breeding, you ask? To put it simply, this new feature will allow you to breed any of your pets with your friends’ pets, apparently for nothing more than a set amount of coins.

If the breeding process is successful, both you and your friend will receive a baby basket, allowing you both to receive a new pet, rather than just one or the other.

We’ll bring you more details about Social Breeding as it becomes available, but for now, head over to the game’s page to see these updates in action.

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