Merscom Brings a Tower Defense Game to Facebook Based on “The Crazies”

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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Merscom is set to bridge the gap between Hollywood and the average Facebook gamer by creating a tower defense game based on the upcoming film “The Crazies.”

The film is about a group of survivors who must fend off their former neighbors who have gone insane due to an unknown virus that has entered their town’s water supply.

According to Inside Social Games, the gameplay here differs from other tower defense titles in that there is no set path for the “crazies” to follow. Your stronghold is placed in the middle of a field and you are simply told to defend it at all costs.

You command a group of soldiers, wielding shotguns and pistols, and can place them on the field in small sandbag bunkers so that they’ll shoot at anything that walks by. Killing crazies puts dollars in your pocket, and you can use this money to purchase new soldiers, and ammunition for those soldiers (if you run out of munitions during a battle, you can kiss yourself goodbye).

If you’re afraid that you’ll run out of dollars or bullets, you can use real money (PayPal, credit card, etc.) to purchase lump sums of Gold, which can be used to buy new soldiers, bulk ammunition, and upgrades for your soldiers. You can earn small amounts of gold from simply playing the game, so you’re never forced to spend money, but of course the option is there should you wish to take advantage of it.

Since this is a Facebook game after all, social elements have been added in the form of in-game gifts (sending bullets to friends), leaderboards and wall posts, the ability to view your friends’ map layouts, and even earn in-game achievements.

If you’re looking for to spend some time playing a tower defense game, but don’t want to sort through all of the available options yourself, head over to the game’s Facebook page and give this one a shot.

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