Megapop Trolls Some Vikings

Fri, Mar 22, 2013

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Okay — you hear there’s a game coming out called Trolls vs Vikings, and instantly you think of guiding a brave army of Norsemen against the rampaging hordes of foul monsters, right? You’d be wrong, it turns out: TriplePoint client Megapop Games, a new studio formed by ex-Funcom (but still fun) developers, is debuting a game where the Vikings are the jerks. Plus, you won’t fight them off in grand face-to-face battles — no, you’ll be defending yourself with towers, it turns out. There’s a lot of that going around lately!

From the press release:

Trolls vs Vikings adds a number of never-before-seen features, striving to evolve the tower defense genre for a whole new audience. It takes a fresh approach to towers, levels, gameplay, tactics, player interaction and boss fights. In addition, Trolls vs Vikings has a number of genre enhancements, including multiplayer matches (both live and asynchronous), full social integration, movable towers, strategic resource gathering, a dynamic tile system, set-piece challenges, and more.

Also from the press release:

Look out, here comes yet another stuffy announcement about an indie development studio formed by gaming veterans! Let me guess… they have groundbreaking new features that will turn the industry on its head?

…well then.

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