Medieval/Lord of the Rings Items, Back to School Sale in Happy Island

Sat, Aug 14, 2010

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In celebration of the back-to-school season, CrowdStar is holding a big sale on coin purchases in Happy Island. If you’ve been saving some of your Facebook Credits for a great chance at transforming them to in-game coins, here’s your chance! In addition new Medieval themed items will have your tourists thinking they’ve traveled back in time, right in the middle of your own resort.

Coin Sale Happening Now

With so many attractions and upgrades available in the game, it would be hard for the average player to earn enough money to purchase all of the available attractions, and then upgrade them fully; that is, without a little help from CrowdStar. While users have previously be able to transform some of their Facebook Credits into coins, the price was higher than it is currently, as the developer has placed all coin packages on sale in a “Back-to-School celebration.”

At one side of the sale, we see the cheapest package being one for 10,000 coins, normally available for 34 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $3.40 US. Now, though, as part of this sale, you’d get the same amount of coins for 26 Facebook Credits, or $2.60.

At the other end of the sale, the largest coin package is one for 2.5 million coins, at a normal price of 1999 Facebook Credits. Through this sale, the price has been dropped to 1500 Facebook Credits. It’s still a massive price, to be sure, but it is 499 Facebook Credits cheaper than the original price, so no one can say that the savings don’t add up here.

This sale will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of it while you still can.

New Medieval Attractions: Obelisk, Leaf Dome, & More

There are five new limited edition attractions available in Happy Island, and while CrowdStar might be advertising them as standard “Medieval” attractions, they are actually mostly items that represent various parts of the Lord of the Rings lore.

The five attractions are the Medieval Obelisk, the Leaf Dome, the Hillside Cottage, the Black Pillar, and the White Castle. All but the Hillside Cottage are premium items, and are thus far more limited in quantity than the Cottage. Likewise, all of the premium items cost the same amount of Facebook Credits, at 39 each, or the equivalent of $3.90 US, and collect the same amount of coins before being cashed out, at 1900.

Meanwhile, the Hillside Cottage is one of the cheapest limited edition attractions we’ve seen, at only 10,500 coins. It collects just 950 coins before requiring to be cashed out, but as such a cheap attraction, almost all players should be able to afford to add this one to their islands, and thus take advantage of the profit it offers, no matter how small in the grand scheme.

There are over 123,000 Hillside Cottages left available to users, while the other four attractions are available in quantities ranging from 900 to 2,000. That being the case, you’ll need to plan accordingly so you don’t miss out on purchasing any that you might want. Head over to the game’s page to start shopping.

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