McDonald’s Japan Trains Employees Using DSi

Sat, Apr 24, 2010

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As reported by Kotaku, Nintendo has partnered with McDonald’s in Japan, and the fruit of this union is now upon us: a McDonald’s DSi training game, AND a McDonald’s DSi System. The idea behind the game is simple: make learning fun by learning through video games. The software trains employees new and old in the fine art of fast food assembly and preparation. Employees playing the game can learn how to assemble a quarter pounder with cheese, cook fries, and clean their work station. So far, trainees are learning twice as fast when using the new game versus the old training method. Instructors are finding that tasks and processes are easier to convey through interactive software and mistakes cost the company less when they are virtual. The idea is not to replace on the job training, but to augment it with media that is especially easy to pick up for the current generation, and mobile enough to be utilized outside of work.

The plan is that the DSi systems and software will be deployed throughout Japan for training purposes. Currently the software is being used in the McDonald’s Japan training center in Tokyo.

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