Mattel Merges iPad Games with Physical Toys

Wed, Aug 22, 2012

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Mattel has launched a new service called Apptivity which includes screen-safe toys that interact with apps from top toymaker brands. From Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, and Monster High to WWE, BATMAN, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja, a variety of product-specific Apptivity apps are now available now on the app store.

The app requires special toys which include touch screen contact pads on the bottom. So for example, a child will need to use a special Hot Wheels car with the contact pads in order to interact with Apptitivity’s Hot Wheels race track.

I wonder if this gives parents a moment of pause, especially those with children who have playrooms filled with all kinds of toys. I know iPad screens are relatively scratch-proof, but what if a child mixes up a regular toy with an Apptivity toy? Some reckless five-year-old violently scratching at his mommy’s iPad with a metal toy car might not go over too well in the household.

Assuming a parent manages to instill in their child the correct sense of respect for expensive things, the Apptivity app looks like a unique way to merge the physical with the digital. Mattel’s demo featured a Fruit Ninja figurine lobbing fruit in a co-op game and a Hot Wheel’s car performing jumps over cityscapes.

Learn more about how Apptivity works and with what toys over at Mattel’s site.

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