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Tue, Feb 16, 2010

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There are tycoon games out there for almost everything – cafés, shopping malls, cruise ships, schools, amusement parks, farms; the list goes on and on. Adding one more notch to the available options is My Casino, a Facebook app that allows you to create your own casino and build it from the ground up to glory in the likes of the Venetian or the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Social Game Central is reporting that while the game is still in its early stages, it appears to be quite similar to other time-delayed games, in that you’ll slot machines and game tables, place them in your casino and then leave them to generate funds on their own. A set amount of hours later (which varies among items), you can come back and collect your profits.

Guests will play your games while you are away, and you can use your funds to buy a few casino decorations, although apparently neither feature has an outcome on your income as of right now.

If you’d like to jump into the shoes of a casino mogul, head over to Facebook and try it out.

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