Mass Effect + Nicki Minaj = Lady Game Lyric

Fri, Apr 20, 2012

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She’s back! Our good friend Lady Game Lyric has an all-new explosive song ready for your eyes and ears, unless you are a Reaper, in which case she would like you to please shut up and die. To the tune of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, please enjoy an homage to Mass Effect with LGL’s Reaper Base.

Full Lyrics:

This one is for the soldiers in the Sol System
Defend this cycle and all the systems
They showing up with lasers blazing up
All hands on deck, let’s blow this up
They’re ill, they’re real, I was right, what a deal
Normandy’s equipped with the right kind of build
My crew, they knew I was no fool
Only fool is the pilot who’s the best in his pool
He’s the Joker of this trip trip, sailor of the ship ship
Plane takes a dip, EDI kiss him on the lip lip
That’s the kind of dude you need in this war
One who knows exactly what he’s fighting for
So I said, excuse me you’re a brittle boned guy
But my my my my you make the Normandy fly
You’re so shy but EDI’s interest is high
Leave you two to dance in the club…bye!
So, yes I did, yes I did
So let me please tell you who the eff I is
I am Commander Shepard, I take Earth back
The whole galaxy back
Hope to see the Reapers running away
Cerberus sends troops to get in our way
Time it all goes boom badooom boom boom badoom boom base
Let’s bomb the Reaper base
Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom base
Let’s bomb the Reaper base
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