MapleStory: Thief Edition Comes to iPhone – A Frisky Hands-On

Sat, Aug 21, 2010

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For those who have always wanted to take the world of Nexon’s MapleStory with them wherever they go, but perhaps don’t have a laptop to carry with them, or constant access to the internet, Nexon Mobile has released a slimmed down version of the MMORPG on the iPhone in the form of MapleStory: Thief Edition.

To get one thing out of the way right away, MapleStory: Thief Edition is a stand-alone, offline RPG. You’ll unfortunately not be able to access your online character, and will instead have to start from scratch. The customization options are also missing from the online version – as this game is a scripted, story-based RPG, rather than an open-world, open-ended online game as in the PC version, you’ll be assigned a character, gender and name and will be able to progress through the game’s missions and overall story accordingly.

The story follows a young boy named Robin, who is out on a quest to become the greatest Thief in all of Maple World. To accomplish this, you’ll talk to many of the same characters found in the online game, and complete quests just like those you’d see in the original game. Many of these initial quests are fetch quests, asking you to collect a certain number of orange mushroom caps or snail shells.

The game levels you up quite rapidly in the first 20 or so levels, not requiring the excessive grinding found when playing on your own online. You’ll also be able to collect loot drops, including money and potions, simply by walking over them, saving you time. The game contains no auto-save, so you’ll have to manually do so from the options menu. Luckily, this saves your game in its exact current state. That is, if you’re in the middle of a massive quest or battle, and are interrupted for some reason, you can jump onto a rope, save your progress and come back to that exact point next time around.

While Kerning City is your base, you can and will be required to travel to the other cities (Perion, Henesys, etc.) for missions or just for your own amusement. These cities are incredibly trimmed down versions of their original selves, that contain two stores – one for weapons and accessories, and one for potions and the like.

As you level up, you’ll still be given skill points, with one skill point being rewarded for each level you earn. These skills allow you to double-attack enemies, can be added as “Shortkeys” along the right-hand side of the gameplay area. You have space for four different shortkeys, or shortcuts. The game automatically assigns HP and MP potions to two of them, allowing you to heal yourself or regain mana in a single tap of your finger, while you can assign your own choice of skills to the other two for, again, one tap access.

As for the technical aspects of the game, online players will feel right at home, as the graphics and the soundtrack are straight from the online experience. Additionally, while technically a handheld title, the game is fairly lengthly, and will take up quite a bit of time for those who become dedicated to the game.

If you’re interested in taking the Maple World with you wherever you go, you can download the game from iTunes for $4.99.

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