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Mon, Sep 6, 2010

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It’s Home Makeover week in Pet Society, which seems like Playfish’s way of saying “There is no real theme, so here’s an assortment of random, yet new, items!” This week’s theme sees items from the 1960′s, the 8-bit era of gaming, and even the modern future being available in the game’s stores, and as usual, we start this tour of the available items in the game’s Gardening Store.

There, under the Furniture section, you’ll find a new Space Rocket available for 26 Playfish Cash. It does more than just sit around, however, as it will actually fly you to the moon, a new digging map for those Pet Society treasure hunters out there. You can also build the Space Rocket with friends, and will complete the structure if you can find 20 friends to help you.

The other new item in the Furniture department of the Gardening Store is the Glam Outdoor Bench, available to users level 9 and above for 1450 coins.

Also in the Gardening Store is a new Bunny Petling, available to users level 11 and above for 22 Playfish Cash. Food items like carrots, cauliflower and broccoli will keep the little guy happy for days and weeks to come.

Moving over to the Furniture Store proper, we see a wide variety of modern furniture now being available. Items like designer Coffee Tables, wall shelves, Sectional Sofas, and even a Heart-Shaped Chair are now available to decorate your living room spaces. These items come in two basic color themes – either a dark red, or a black and white design.

Under the Kitchen and Bathroom heading, you’ll find an entire Wooden, or Tiki bathroom theme of items now available – towel racks, chairs, a bathtub, sink and mirror – you name it, this theme has it. You can buy the items individually, or you can purchase the the items in bulk via the “Wooden Bathroom Bundle Box,” available for 1800 coins. It promises “A complete bathroom makeover in one box!”

Finally, the Bedroom section contains a Wooden Designer Bed and Wooden Designer Coffee Table, costing 1500 coins or 800 coins, respectively.

Moving onto the Market, we see a quartet of arcade machines available to purchase, with one limited edition variety being available to look at, but unavailable to actually purchase for a few more hours (as of this writing). Later today, the item will be available to purchase for 8,000 coins, or if you don’t want to wait, you can pick up the other three for 2800 coins in total. A Hedgehog Plushie (clearly a nod at Sonic) is also available for 3 Playfish Cash.

The game’s Boutique or Cash Shop has a couple of unique new items. The first is the Town Forest Lucky Hat, which is available to purchase for 20 Playfish Cash. While your pet is wearing this hat, it will increase your chance of finding the weekly items in the town forest.

Meanwhile, the other new item is the Brown Home Dye Table, which allows you to get an unlimited supply of three wig dyes (in three different shades of brown), for 11 Playfish Cash.

For new clothing items, boy little girl and little boy pets share the same two options – two 8-bit inspired t-shirts, available for either 200 or 250 coins.

There are also new accessory items available for your pets, including two pixelated masks, some geeky yellow or black glasses, and even a hat to make your pet’s head look like a tomato.

Moving onto the game’s D.I.Y. Shop, you’ll find two different wallpaper and flooring sets – one is a wooden set, presumably to be paired with the Wooden Bathroom set of items, while the other is an 8-bit set, with pixelated grass and sky.

Next, under the D.I.Y. Shop’s Fixtures and Fittings heading, we find two kinds of leafy shelves and a cloud shelf ranging in price from 500 – 600 coins.

The theme finally concludes in the Food Shop, under the Grocery heading, where we find two items: Dark Chocolate Cookies that cost 75 coins, and a bottle of Sparkling Water costing 35.

Make sure to take special note of the items that will only be available for one week, and then head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start shopping for these new items!

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