Make Your Old Pets Young Again With Happy Pets Fountain of Youth

Fri, May 7, 2010

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Do you love Happy Pets but hate to see your pets grow into their adult stage? You’re apparently not the only one (those baby are pretty cute, after all), as CrowdStar has released a new “idol”-esque item of sorts in the game, called simply the Fountain of Youth.

The Fountain does as the name suggests – it reverts your pets back to their immature state. However, where the item has a catch is in the following: Even though your pet does revert back to its “young” state, this effect is only temporary, and your pets will grow up again. However, the Fountain is a permanent item, so, in theory, you should be able to repeatedly interact with the Fountain in order to continue to have young pets.

Such convenience comes at a high price point, as the Fountain of Youth is available for 88 Facebook Credits, or just under $9. It’s a limited time only item, meaning that it is limited in quantity and not necessarily in number of days in the store. There are a bit less than 1700 left to go around, as of this writing.

If you’re like to be one of the lucky 1600+ that gets their hands on one of these items, head over to the game’s page and purchase one before everyone else beats you to it!

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