Make Room For More Baby Animals With Your Happy Pets Nursery

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

Happy Pets, Social

CrowdStar is really encouraging people to adopt more and more pets in their pet-simulation game Happy Pets. They’ve released new rooms in the past to let us adopt more pets (each room has a limit on the number of pets it can hold), most recently the addition of a second yard, but now, we’re now allowed to add an newborn-only room to our homes in the form of a Nursery.

Before you go rushing over to the game’s page, however, ready to unlock this new room, I’ll say one thing – if you’re not willing to shell out Facebook Credits, there are more of you that won’t be able to access it than those who can, due to its high requirements. The Nursery can be unlocked for 20 Facebook Credits, regardless of your level or amount of neighbors, but as we can see below, those who wish to purchase the addition for coins will need not only the 300 coin price, but will also need a whopping 40 neighbors to unlock purchasing access to begin with.

Do you have 40 neighbors? If not, will you attempt to reach that total by either convincing your friends to play or by adding strangers? Let us know what you think of this new room in the comments.

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  • Sarang

    i only have 24 neighbours…40 is a bit off limit…some ppl has that much but it really is a pain to collect that many neighbours :(

  • Brandy Shaul

    Have you thought about going to the game's page on Facebook and adding the people that post “Add me!” on all of Crowdstar's announcement posts? I know it might seem odd adding random people as friends, but if you want to get to 40 neighbors quickly, that's a good way to do it. :-)

  • Kaitlin Scabis

    I think this is ridiculous & unfair. All those other people who are suckers are willing to lose money for stuff they dont need. I really want extra rooms & pets to go in them, but I just will not waste my real, useful money to buy amazing items in this game that have no life value, regardless how much I desire these amazing creations.