Make Flipbooks Without Ruining Actual Books with FlipBook HD

Thu, May 10, 2012

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After my freshman year of high school, I was denied the school’s offer to buy back my textbooks for a small portion of what I’d originally paid. They reasoned that I had permanently defaced my books by drawing hilariously violent flipbooks in each one. We both knew, of course, that my art had only enhanced the otherwise dry and boring texts, but I suppose I had ruined the books for anyone else who wanted to make their own animations. Now, years later, TriplePoint client Anon Arts has provided a way to indulge my stop-motion cravings without ruining any books that somebody might care about: Introducing FlipBook HD for the iPad.

It’s actually not so much an “introduction” as it is a re-imagining of their existing FlipBook app for the iPhone. I’ll let them tell you themselves:

FlipBook HD makes it easy for anyone to bring their drawings to life, even if their stick figures are pre-school quality. The program offers innovative and intuitive features that will appeal to aspiring and advanced animators alike, such as pressure-sensitive touchscreen drawing, multi-touch gestures, importing photos and videos, and multiple foreground and background tracks. The keyframe-based timeline makes it trivial to create scrolling backgrounds, walk cycles and other animation staples.  When your animation is complete, email it to your friends or upload it to to share with the world.

It’s $4.99 and it’s over this way.

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