Make Babies with your Co-Op Friends in Fable 3

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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Fable 3, which is set to release sometime this year, will be including a particularly interesting feature. Players of Fable 3 will find that they are now able to have children with their co-op friends (which may or may not be awkward, but fun to think about nonetheless).

In the latest installment of Peter Molyneux’s very popular action role-playing series, the Hero is taken to the next level as the ruler of Albion. Known for allowing the player to make their own moral decisions, Lionhead Studios gives the Hero a choice to become a self-serving ruler or a monarch for the people by the people. For example, the Hero may be pressured by the in-game family to take money from Albion in order to maintain the castle. Much like our politicians, the Hero will have to make promises in order to make it to the top; whether the Hero delivers on those promises is up to you. You, as the king or queen of Albion, have the choice to tackle the issues of Albion head on or to let the troubles continue uninterrupted.

Whether you are a Fable fan or not, Fable 3 is definitely distinguishing itself with some great, new features. So watch out for it! Can you name any other game that will give you the option to recreate Cheaper By The Dozen during the Industrial Revolution? I think not.

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