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Wed, Apr 18, 2012

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You’ve probably played Draw Something by now, unless Zynga is in the habit of paying $200M for games nobody is playing. So, it’s probably a safe assumption that you’re well-versed in the art of touch-screen composition; your fingers have undoubtedly wrought any number of glorious masterpieces for your online pals to enjoy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make $200M for one of those creations? Enter Sketch Nation Studio, a new game creation app from TriplePoint client Engineous Games.

The app promises to let you generate new games without coding a single line — just mash your thumb around on your iOS device and generate the next memorable game character. Or you can use the camera to capture a drawing made in pen, paint, or other professional means, if you want to get fancy. Then, you can self-publish your creation on the App Store, and start raking in the sales.

From the press release:

In Sketch Nation Studio, you can draw directly on the device using the in-app drawing tools, or sketch out your heroes and villains on paper and import them using the camera. Your original art and games can be shared with other players within the game; try collaborating with a friend to make a game about your gym teacher or your boss! Downloading user-generated games and art costs virtual currency (Sketch Bucks). You start off with plenty, and earn more Sketch Bucks every time your game or art is downloaded. This encourages players to create a rich library of content for the Sketch Nation community. Those who do not wish to create content can also earn Sketch Bucks by playing games or through in-app purchase.

Game-makers will pull down 35 cents per sale, so to make that first $200M, you’ll need to make roughly 600 million sales. You can do that, right? Make a game that fully 10% of the planet’s population will buy? Easy! I’ll see you in my new mansion, suckers.

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