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Wed, Feb 10, 2010

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If you thought earning Politico Corrupto was an annoying process in Mafia Wars: Cuba, the Pirates found in Mafia Wars: Bangkok are sure to bring out the same feelings of irritation.

Just like Politico Corrupto, Pirates are earned via their own business; in this case, the Piracy Operations Business.

After completing Bangkok’s “Secure a Pirate Vessel” job, you’ll unlock the Piracy Operations business and will begin earning Pirates at a rate of one earned every three hours, until you reach the business’s starter capacity of five Pirates.

After you’ve amassed a sizeable collection of your sea-fairing friends, you can put them to work in Episode 3 in the “Steal Japanese Auto Shipping Containers” job.

Head over to the Mafia Wars Facebook page to start earning these Pirates for yourself.

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