Mafia Wars Mumbai Challenge Mission Now Open

Tue, Aug 24, 2010

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Much like Mafia Wars London before it, a new Challenge Mission has opened up in Mafia Wars, this time in the city of Mumbai. The Challenge’s tagline is “Make a Killing at the Box Office,” and as such, contains a theatrical theme.

For those unfamiliar with the way Challenge Missions run in Mafia Wars, the overall challenge is a timed event, split into three chapters. Chapter 1 is the only chapter available thus far, with Chapter 2 unlocking seven days from now and Chapter 3 unlocking 12 day from now.

Chapter 1 is called Hooray for Bollywood, and contains four different jobs that you’ll need to complete to receive your bonus at the end: Steal a Bollywood Script, Re-Write the Film’s Villain, Get the Script Greenlit and Put Out a Casting Call. For Mafia Wars London, the event relied on how many Passports you could obtain, which allow you to do jobs. Here, though, the Bollywood Film Reel is the equivalent of the London Passport, with these four jobs starting out with a default requirement of one Film Reel per click.

You’ll start out with 5 Reels, and can collect 20 more instantly, and once daily afterwards. You can also recruit up to seven of your crew members to help you complete these jobs. As you do jobs, the authorities will become better alerted to your plans, and your Heat Meter will rise. As it rises, the amount of Film Reels required to do each job increases, and you’ll eventually fill the bar to the point of having to wait for it to reset after eight hours’ time.

If you can manage to complete all four of the jobs in Chapter 1, you’ll receive the Bambaiyya Rajah vehicle, a car worth 60 attack and 55 defense stats. For completing Chapter 2, you’ll receive the Bollywood Superhit cannon, which has 47 attack and 81 defense stats, and finally, for finishing Chapter 3, you’ll unlock the Slumdog Billionaire, a henchman of sorts worth a whopping 86 attack and 115 defense.

As your progress with the event ultimately relies on how many Reels you have, and your Job Heat Meter (that is, keeping the meter low enough to do missions without spending all of your Reels in a single click), you’ll want to make the most of your time by heading over to the game’s page and starting the mission now, before you run out of time.

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