Mafia Wars Dublin Challenge Mission Now Open!

Mon, Sep 20, 2010

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It’s time for yet another Challenge Mission to open in Mafia Wars, with this newest challenge offering users a chance to travel to a familiar (yet new) city in the game: Dublin. We say “familiar” because if you’ll remember back to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, we were treated to a smaller, Dublin Derby themed event.

This newest event, however, is a true Challenge Mission through and through, containing three chapters, the first of which is now unlocked for users to complete. The overall mission itself is called “Rob the National Bank,” and the first chapter is entitled “Euro Trash.”

Euro Trash, or Chapter 1, contains four jobs that need to be mastered in order to complete the chapter: Steal St. Patrick’s Bank Personnel Records, Kidnap the Bank President’s Family, Conduct a Trial Run of the Heist, and Execute the Bank Robbery.

Each job comes with some fairly small energy requirements, ranging from 11-44 energy per job. You’ll also need mass amounts of this event’s consumable item, the Pint of Stout, in order to complete each job. You’ll earn 20 Pints of Stout every day you login to the game and collect them, and you’ll also be able to receive them at random as loot drops from other jobs you’ll complete.

As you attempt to complete each job, your Heat Meter will rise, as the local authorities become more aware of your illegal deeds. The best strategy is to fill this meter as far as it will go, or until you run out of Pints of Stout, whichever comes first, and then let the meter sit for the eight hours required to empty it out again, giving you a fresh start. In this way, you’ll make as much progress as possible, while wasting the least amount of time. But as you complete jobs and raise your heat meter, just remember that the amount of energy required to perform your next action will also increase.

As you master jobs in Chapter 1, you’ll receive that chapter’s prize, the Irish Traveler, which comes with 52 Attack and 63 Defense points. For Chapter 2, you’ll receive the Black Irish pistol, which has 84 Attack and 59 Defende points, and for Chapter 3, you’ll unlock the Dreacht Capall, which has 67 Attack and a whopping 111 Defense points. All told, you can collect up to 12 of these powerful items by completing the entirety of Mafia Wars: Dublin.

Chapter 2 in the Challenge Mission: Dublin event will open for users in around 5 days – make sure to head over to Mafia Wars on Facebook to make your way through as much of Chapter 1 as possible before 2 unlocks as well.

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